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2010 Prevost XLII

Taylor Tours Coach 

w/ 1 slide and OTR A/C    




Exterior: Beige, Black and Gold
Interior: Neutral
Engine: Detroit Series 60 w OTR A/C
Mileage: 116,000 miles

Photo Oct 12, 3 46 00 PM.jpg

2002 Prevost XLII

Liberty Coach 

Single Slide Coach


2002 Prevost H345

Featherlite Coach

Double Slide 

Price: $299,000


2006  Prevost XLII

Marathon Coach 

Double Slide Coach


Exterior: Blue, White and Gold
Interior: Neutral and Woodwork
Engine: Detroit Series 60 w auto
Mileage: 81,000 miles

Exterior: Beige and Black
Interior: Neutral
Engine: Detroit 60 w auto 
Mileage: 165,000 miles


2000 Prevost H345

Marathon Coach 

Non Slide Coach 651


Exterior: Red, White and Blue 
Interior: Natural Wood Grain Laminate 
Engine: Detroit Diesel 60 Series w auto
Mileage: 212,000 miles


1997 MCI 45' Custom 

Coach Motorhome 

Non slide Coach     


Price: $99,999


Exterior: Blue and Silver
Interior: Cherry Wood 
Engine: Detroit Diesel w auto and OTR A/C
Mileage: 127,000 miles

Entertainer Coach Floor Plans


2007 Prevost H345

6 Bunk Star Coach

Double Slide Coach



1997 MCI DL-45

Corporate Coach

Exec Day Coach





1999 Prevost XL

6 Bunk Star Coach

Non Slide Coach



2005 Prevost H345

12 Bunk Coach

Single Slide Coach


2008 Prevost H3-45 Marathon Coach 

Quad Slide Motorhome

Photo Sep 27, 3 25 24 PM.jpg

2000 Prevost H345

Liberty Coach

Non Slide w bunks 



2000 MCI Renaissance

6 Bunk Star Coach

Non Slide Coach 




1997 Prevost H345

Featherlite Coach

Non Slide Coach 


2002 Prevost XLII

Royale Coach

Single Slide 



1991 Prevost XL

Country Coach

Non Slide 



1995 Prevost XL

     Country Coach 


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